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Website redesign for the association

Personal Project


Redeign website

During my studies, I was delighted to volunteer in a website redesign competition for the new Foundation for Cinema and Television. The foundation aims to support creators, series, documentaries, feature films, and experimental films. The website serves as a primary platform for filmmakers and students to submit their films for funding assistance.

Furthermore, the foundation manages incubators that attract donors and act as platforms for social change. These incubators facilitate dialogue among diverse creators, raise awareness about social issues, promote equal opportunities for female directors, provide training for creators with disabilities, and more.

Target Audience

Who are the users?

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User Story

Understanding the users

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I conducted research on design within the realm of cinema, focusing specifically on five competitors within the Israeli film industry and two competitors from the international film scene. I analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of these competing websites, identifying what elements were successful and what areas needed improvement. Drawing from these findings, I gained valuable insights that informed the website design process and influenced the necessary adjustments.

Market Research

What can be learned from others?

Information Architecture

Decision on screens

Taking careful consideration of the association members' preferences, I constructed a well-organized information architecture encompassing all the pertinent website pages. Unnecessary pages were minimized, and during the characterization process, I prioritized a user-friendly experience aligned with the information architecture I had developed.



Start planing

  • Reducing pages to relevant pages, with an emphasis on a comfortable user experience.

  • attractive home page design,

  • Creating a suitable navigation menu, easy and convenient to use.

  • Filter bars are renewed and suitable for the relevant pages.

  • Dividing categories into tabs.

  • Reducing irrelevant information and arranging text.

  • Providing easy access to any application process.

  • Providing easy access to financial support for the association.

  • footer design


New. modern. interactive

Choosing a new design language for the client
I wanted to get away from the yellow color that dominates the entire site.
So I decided to take the yellow color that is the brand's symbol and warm it up a little and add two more colors that work well with it that will add some liveliness to the site.

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