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Product Design smart home application

Team project

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Smart home application

As part of my studies in the complex interface design course, we were assigned to design a smart home system based on a given brief. The smart home system enables remote control of various components such as cameras, sound, irrigation, air conditioning, blinds, lighting, and more. Communication is facilitated through controls and sensors, which are operated and monitored using a tablet.

system requirements

3 floors in the house: basement floor, Ground floor, and first floor.

The Basment

Group 750.png
ground floor mockup.png

The ground FL.

Group 751.png

The first FL.

Group 752.png
first floor mockup.png
Group 753.png

All the windows have blinds and glass
that can be controlled separately.

Group 753.png

Each room has one air conditioner except for the bathroom and bathroom.

Each room has light.



Many devices

The user has a large, technologically advanced home with numerous devices and requires a solution for convenient control of all the devices within their home


Simple and user-friendly app.

Design a user-friendly interface that incorporates intuitive dashboards for easy control of devices within the house.

Information Architecture

Decision on screens

ארכיטקטורה בית חכם.png

We embraced the brief and maximized its potential.

Initially, we created a dashboard as the main screen, offering an overview of the house's overall status, weather updates for convenient planning, and detailed information on energy consumption.

The dashboard enables users to effortlessly manage their house devices. Users can instantly identify active devices without the need to search room by room. Furthermore, they can control individual devices by turning them off or accessing the remote control feature to adjust settings.


Start planing

Frame 2608915.png

The goal

Furthermore, our goal was to create a user-friendly interface that prioritizes comfort and provides a personalized experience.

To achieve this, we developed an interface that adapts to each user's needs. Users can log into their accounts and access their personalized area, which includes a Bluetooth-connected music player.

Additionally, they can view the house occupants and conveniently add frequently used devices to their favorites. This feature ensures quick and effortless access to their commonly used devices, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

The manu

The menu allows comfortable moving between floors.
In the hamburger menu, there is the personal area, setting a timer, notifications, and other settings for the system.

Frame 2608918.png

user-friendly and intuitive

The controls on each floor are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Users can easily select a floor and navigate to its corresponding screen. Each screen allows them to filter rooms using the tabs at the top. Within each tab, all the control devices for that specific room are conveniently displayed. This setup ensures a seamless and efficient user experience, enabling easy access and control of devices in every area of the house.

Frame 2608917.png


Live in comfort.

As the primary colors, I chose purple, which conveys luxury and royalty, and orange, which evokes a positive mood and happiness. I decided to combine these colors in a light mode, accompanied by icons in delicate pastel shades, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

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